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Our air conditioning units operate efficiently, saving on your electric bills, and are safe for the environment. SEER is the industry's measure of efficiency - Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER level, the more efficient the air conditioning unit. Most older models run at 13 SEER, but all of our units run at at least 15 SEER or above.

AAA Advanced AC & Appliance is conscious of the environment, and the impact that older models had on it. Freon used to be the refrigerant that was always used in air conditioning units in the past. However, when there was a leakage, it would prove hazardous to the environment, as deemed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Now Freon has been replaced by a safer substance, Puron. It won't deplete the ozone layer, and works just as well as Freon did.

Geo Thermal Air Conditioning

When cooling, the water that circulates in the earth loop is warmer than the surrounding ground which causes it to release energy in the form of heat. The now cooler water from passing through the ground now flows to the heat eschanger in the heat pump. In the heat exchangerthe compressor releases heat into the water from hot refrigerant gas. This causes the water to increase in temprature and then releases to the ground.

The refrigerant travels to the heat exchanger after becoming a cold liquid and releasing its heat energy. The heat pump's blower then curculates warm and humid air across the cold air coil. The air is then blown through ductwork to cool the home. The refigerant int the air coil picks up the heat energy in the air and takes it to the compressor. The refrigerant then leaves the compressor and glows to the earth loop heat exchanger to restart the cycle.

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